Breast Lift / Augmentation Surgery After Weight Loss

View Real Patient PhotosAfter seeing overly large, saggy breasts in the mirror for so long, you may be surprised to hear Dr. Kaufman or Dr. Clark recommend breast lift (mastopexy) with breast augmentation for you. In fact, this is the procedure the vast majority — as much as 75% — of patients at Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgery select for breast rejuvenation surgery after weight loss in Sacramento.

If, after shedding dozens and dozens of pounds, your breasts still look big and unappealing to you, chances are what you're seeing is mostly extra skin. The redundant skin needs to be reduced, but if you're like most women there won't be enough breast tissue left inside to achieve a perky shape.

Still skeptical? Don't worry. Just request a consultation to discuss post weight loss plastic surgery. Whether the answer is breast reduction, breast lift or even breast lift with breast augmentation, our surgeons will work with you to create a surgical plan to meet your specific needs.

Candidates for Breast Lift / Breast Augmentation in Sacramento

Candidates for mastopexy plus augmentation are women whose weight loss has led to significant sag and volume deflation of the breasts. Before proceeding with surgery, you should be at or close to your ultimate weight goal, and basic tests to safeguard your health should indicate your body is ready for surgery.

Ensure you are acquainted with the possible risks and complications that can accompany this procedure. While they happen rarely, risks common to any surgery such as infection and hematoma can occur. Risks specific to breast surgery, such as loss of nipple sensation and residual asymmetry, can also happen. And with implants, there's always the possibility of eventual rupture and capsular contracture. Ask Dr. Kaufman or Dr. Clark any questions you may have.

You should have realistic expectations for your procedure. Most women are delighted with their shapely, perkier breasts following mastopexy/breast augmentation surgery, but the procedure won't fix all the issues you may have after massive weight loss. Consider it part of your overall plan for improved health and well-being.

Breast Lift / Augmentation Surgery and Recovery

The combination mastopexy/augmentation procedure usually takes about three hours and can be performed in an outpatient setting. General anesthesia is used for your safety and comfort.

During your consultation, you and your surgeon will make many decisions. The first decision is which type of implant to use. Choices are either saline or silicone. Implants can be smooth or textured, round or shaped, and each comes in three different profiles, which vary the amount the implant extends from the chest. You'll also need to agree on implant placement. Our surgeons prefer to place implants below the chest muscle, instead of just under the breast tissue, to achieve the most natural looking result. You will have plenty of time with your surgeon to learn about your options and make the right choices for you.

The amount of skin that needs to be removed plus the type of implant you select will influence what your incisions and scars will be like. You may have incisions around the areolas if you select saline implants and breast droopiness is not severe. More likely you will have incisions around the areolas that extend vertically downward (the "lollipop" shape). Some patients' incisions then extend outward toward the armpit in an "anchor" shape.

During your first few days of recovery, you can expect mild to moderate discomfort you can control with medication. You should be feeling good enough to resume some activities in a week to 10 days. More strenuous work and play can be added in gradually until you are fully recovered in about six to eight weeks.

You can have shapely breasts to accentuate your new, post weight loss body. Women from Nevada, Oregon and other states as well as California have worked with Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Clark to achieve that very goal. Call (916) 983-9895 and make time to come meet with us soon.

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