Breast Reduction Surgery After Weight Loss

View Real Patient PhotosNo matter how much weight you lose, you may find there are certain stubborn areas of the body that just refuse to shrink the way you had in mind. Excess fat can linger around the neck, arms, thighs and tummy. And some women who shed 100 pounds or more still find their breasts are overly large.

You already know how inconvenient and painful it is to go through life with huge breasts because your breasts were big before you lost the weight. You know about back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. You've suffered through rashes and indentations from your bra straps. But now that the rest of your body is close to the size you've been working so hard to regain, it's even more frustrating to be saddled with large breasts. They don't fit the new you.

The answer may be breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty. Your surgeon can remove tissue, fat and skin to bring your breasts into proportion with the rest of your body. Request a consultation at our practice soon.

Candidates for Breast Reduction in Sacramento

The best candidates for breast reduction surgery after weight loss in Sacramento at Kaufman & Clark are women who still have excess breast tissue and fat in addition to redundant skin, requiring their breasts to be reduced in size and lifted. Ideally, you should be at or close to your weight loss target and have maintained a consistent weight pattern for a few months. Be prepared for some basic tests to confirm your health is good and your body will tolerate surgery well.

You don't need to reach your weight loss goal before you have your first visit with us. In fact, it can be very helpful to make an appointment when you're within 25 to 50 pounds of your target so you can begin to plan. Your surgeon will acquaint you with what the surgery will entail, how to prepare, and also tell you about potential risks, which can include changes in nipple sensitivity and possible residual asymmetry, as well as routine surgical risks such as infection.

Breast Reduction Surgery and Recovery

The approach your surgeon will take depends on your individual needs. Incision placement will vary, and you may or may not benefit from liposuction to remove excess fat from surrounding areas. The size of your areolas can be reduced during the procedure if needed. Depending on the complexity of your surgery, reduction mammoplasty can take from two to five hours.

Initial recovery from breast reduction takes place over a week to 10 days during which you can expect some soreness. You'll need to rest, especially in the first few days, and then gradually add light activities back to your schedule. You'll be able to return to your regular routine over the next four to six weeks. And you may find yourself returning to activities you haven't felt like doing in years. Shopping for beautiful lingerie, perhaps?

To find out whether breast reduction is for you, and to learn more about related procedures such as breast lift, request a consultation at Kaufman & Clark Plastic Surgery serving Sacramento, Stockton and the greater Central Valley, as well as the San Francsico Bay area and nearby states like Nevada and Oregon. Your surgeon will help you understand your plastic surgery after weight loss options and will create a plan to help you achieve breasts that will complement a slimmer, trimmer you. Call us at (916) 983-9895 today.

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