Liposuction Is Not a Weight-Loss Tool, Plastic Surgeon Warns

Sacramento plastic surgery specialist Dr. David Kaufman warns that liposuction is not designed to remove significant amounts of weight. He explains that there are better options for weight loss and post-weight loss.

Folsom, California (December 2011) – Dr. David Kaufman ( has seen a number of men and women who have attempted to use liposuction as a tool for major weight loss but were unhappy with the outcome.

Often, patients in Sacramento turn to plastic surgery to contour their bodies, but they are unaware of which procedures are most effective to help them achieve natural and long-lasting results.

“Liposuction is an excellent procedure for removing small pockets of fat that appear around the body,” says Dr. David Kaufman, a board-certified plastic surgeon. “However, this procedure should not be used for weight loss. Often, people who have too much fat removed through liposuction find that their results look unnatural. Other options exist that can help patients achieve a naturally smooth appearance.”

In order for body contouring procedures to be effective, a patient must achieve a healthy weight prior to surgery. Nutrition programs, exercise, and even bariatric surgery are among the more effective options for weight loss available today.

Dr. Kaufman explains there are a number of solutions for women and men who wish to sculpt their bodies through surgery after a significant weight loss. One of the most common areas of concern for post-weight-loss patients is the midsection, he says.

“Although losing weight can be an exciting experience, many people find that excess skin prevents them from fully enjoying their new figures,” Dr. Kaufman says.

In his practice near Sacramento, surgery after weight loss may include a tummy tuck, a panniculectomy to remove sagging skin than hangs down over the genital area, or a lower body lift to remove excess skin and fat around the midsection.

“There are also options to enhance the arms, legs, chest and even the face after weight loss,” he says.

The staff at Kaufman & Davis Plastic Surgery specializes in providing individualized solutions to fulfill each patient’s needs. During a consultation, Dr. Kaufman, a board-certified plastic surgeon, will help the patient identify his or her specific goals for an enhanced appearance and a more comfortable lifestyle. With goals in place, a surgical plan is created, which includes a general framework of the recovery process for surgery after weight loss in Sacramento.

“It’s important that patients understand the surgical process and learn which procedure is best for achieving a specific result,” Dr. Kaufman says. “I hope patients who are considering using liposuction as a tool for weight loss take a minute to explore the other options. There are many other methods that can provide safe and beautiful results.”

Dr. David Kaufman has extensive experience with post-weight loss patients and encourage you to request a consultation as you approach your target weight.