Meet Dr. Kaufman

Dr. David L. Kaufman is a board-certified plastic surgeon and post-weight-loss plastic surgery specialist who opened his cosmetic surgery practice near Sacramento after training at some of the country’s top medical schools and gaining invaluable surgical experience in the San Francisco Bay area and abroad. Today, he enjoys helping his patients look and feel their best after they’ve lost weight.

Dr. Kaufman is known for his surgical skills and for the relationships he builds with his patients. His gentle, understanding approach, and the honest input he provides helps men and women make good decisions and achieve the results they’re hoping for. Request a consultation to meet with Dr. Kaufman and explore your surgical interests.

Strong Connections

Dr. Kaufman has been working with Sacramento bariatric surgeons and other members of the weight loss community for many years. He’s involved in educating and supporting people throughout their weight loss experience as well as offering his plastic surgery expertise. His interactions with his individual weight loss patients go well beyond those of the typical doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Kaufman has strong connections with the weight loss community. He speaks regularly at three Sacramento-area weight loss support group meetings. He’s also a member of two online groups and he plays a “sounding board” role for the people he meets.

Experience that Makes a Difference

While they may be very qualified in other procedures, most plastic surgeons have not had the opportunity to develop extensive experience with body contouring after bariatric surgery or other weight loss. In contrast, Dr. Kaufman has worked with hundreds of patients to date: weight loss patients from Nevada, Oregon, Alaska, Illinois, North Carolina and New York, as well as patients from across California. Patients have even traveled internationally to seek his services, and bariatric surgeons regularly refer their patients to him.

The benefits of experience are yours when you select Dr. Kaufman to be your body contouring plastic surgeon. Not only will you have every chance to realize outstanding results, you can rest assured knowing he will not let you choose surgery you won’t be happy with, nor will he take chances with your health.

Your Surgical Partner

As you begin this phase of your transformation, Dr. Kaufman recommends you think carefully about your goals. Do you have specific areas that cause you rashes or pain? Are you hoping to expand your clothing options? Are you feeling good about your body for the first time and looking to extend those new feelings of self-confidence?

When you understand your motivations clearly and learn about the various plastic surgery after weight loss options, you can begin to develop a surgical plan. You can consider single versus combination procedures, and think about timing as it relates to your family, work and finances.

A Desire to Serve

Meet Dr. Kaufman img 1Born and raised in the Midwest, Dr. Kaufman enrolled in the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. There he earned his undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree with highest honors. He then moved across the country to report to Basic Underwater Demolition School in Southern California where he trained to become a Navy SEAL. Dr. Kaufman served four years of active duty, including time in the Middle East as part of Operation Desert Storm.

Today Dr. Kaufman continues to serve others by donating his plastic and reconstructive surgical skills to adults and children in the developing world. He has completed more than 30 volunteer surgery missions and works closely with Medical Mission for Children to provide life-changing surgeries for children born with cleft lips and palates.

Elite Education and Training

Meet Dr. Kaufman img 2After serving his country as a Navy SEAL, Dr. Kaufman was accepted to Harvard Medical School where he earned his Medical Degree. He then relocated back to California to perform his general surgical/plastic surgery residency at Stanford University Medical Center. Once his training was complete, he continued at Stanford as a volunteer clinical faculty member. While still in the Bay Area, he was honored to be selected as the Director of the Regional Burn Unit at Valley Medical Center in San Jose.

Looking for an ideal place to open a private practice and raise a family, Dr. Kaufman and his wife, Kate, chose the Sacramento area and could not be happier with their adopted community. Dr. Kaufman is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and three children – skiing and enjoying all Tahoe has to offer or finding new adventures around the globe.

Dr. Kaufman has tremendous respect for people like you who have made such a significant commitment to changing their lives. He is experienced in all facets of post weight loss plastic surgery — the medical, the psychological and the financial. He wants to be your partner in creating and executing the plan for this most gratifying stage of your journey. Call him today at (916) 983-9895 and arrange a time to come meet him in his Folsom office.