Plastic Surgery Practice in Sacramento, California Shares “After Weight Loss” Success Stories

As part of his effort to build a community of people who have achieved massive weight loss, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Kaufman provides stories and photos on his website of patients who have received plastic surgery after weight loss.

Folsom, California (December 17, 2009) – People who want to improve their comfort and body shape after significant weight loss can now find guidance and encouragement through the site of a local plastic surgeon. Dr. David Kaufman, a board-certified plastic surgeon, now offers a host of resources including real patient stories and photos, which he hopes will help foster a stronger support community among Sacramento, California post weight loss surgery patients.

“I have the privilege of seeing patients’ lives completely transformed by bariatric and post bariatric surgery, and I wanted a way to help these women and men share their success with other patients,” Dr. Kaufman explains. “The main goal here is to give patients the resources they need to take the next steps, whether they’ve reached their weight goals already or they’re still going through that process.”

On his Web site, Dr. Kaufman features a number of real patient stories and an extensive collection of before-and-after photos that highlight his patients’ success with plastic surgery after weight loss surgery. He also offers a number of resources to help patients understand their procedure choices, choose bariatric surgeons and post bariatric plastic surgeons in California, and ask the right questions at a consultation.

“My aim is to give patients the resources they need to help themselves and help each other,” explains Dr. Kaufman. “Sometimes plastic surgery will play a part in those last steps toward a new body; sometimes not. In either case, I think it’s important for patients to know their options and to encourage each other. It can mean a lot just to know that your goals are reasonable and not impossible.”

Dr. Kaufman works closely with a number of bariatric surgeons, and while his own plastic surgery procedures such as thigh lifts focus mainly on removing excess tissue after bariatric surgery in California, he says these procedures also play an important role in helping patients overcome the stigma of being overweight.

“It’s all about self-confidence,” he explains. “There’s definitely a strong psychological component to weight loss, and plastic surgery can be an extremely important part of that transformation. A tummy tuck or body lift can be life-changing because it’s a final step away from a negative self-image and toward a much healthier, happier appearance.”

In most cases, post bariatric surgery involves a combination of more extensive procedures like abdominoplasty with more focused surgeries such as arm lifts. However, Dr. Kaufman notes that any post bariatric plastic surgery in Sacramento requires a special level of skill and should only be performed by a talented and experienced surgeon who can achieve results that match the patient’s aesthetic expectations.

“I spend a lot of time with my patients to make sure we’re on the same page about their results, which translates into a more comfortable recovery and a generally more positive surgical experience,” says Dr. Kaufman. “From my perspective, these patients have definitely earned the right to look and feel healthier, and it’s my role to encourage them along the way.”

Take the next step and plan ahead for your new look. Whether you have already reached your goal weight or you are still in the process, Dr. Kaufman will be happy to answer your questions. Call Dr. Kaufman at (916) 983-9895 so he can meet with you and help you understand your choices for post bariatric plastic surgery in Sacramento.