New Website for Post Bariatric Surgery Patients

With the delivery of, Dr. David Kaufman introduces a key resource for the weight loss community in Northern California and across the country.

Sacramento, California (January 12, 2008) – Dr. David Kaufman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Sacramento, is pleased to unveil a new website devoted exclusively to the plastic surgery needs of post weight loss patients. A comprehensive resource for the weight loss community, will assist men and women across the country in making decisions about plastic surgery after weight loss.

It’s no secret that Americans are becoming caught up in a weight loss craze; many health professionals around the country would say that it’s about time. According to a November 2007 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of adult men and women in the U.S. are obese, with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater (usually meaning about 100 pounds or more over their ideal weight). That’s why the popularity of a variety of weight loss strategies—bariatric surgery, in particular—is on the rise.

“It’s great to see more people becoming conscious of the health risks of obesity and getting serious about losing weight,” commented Dr. Kaufman. “We applaud their efforts. We want to help by educating them about their post-obesity bodies and their plastic surgery options when they’re ready. That’s the motivation behind our new website.”

The Sacramento body lift specialist explained that after massive weight loss, most skin cannot bounce back to its former shape. “Unfortunately, both men and women are often bothered by loose, saggy skin almost as much as by their former weight,” he said. The folds and rolls cause multiple problems, from rashes to difficulty in finding clothes to fit. From his work with weight loss patients over the last several years, Dr. Kaufman knows this excess skin can prevent them from fully embracing their new lives. They are often reluctant or unable to exercise due to leftover skin, and they also feel uncomfortable in intimate situations. “It can seem quite ironic,” he noted, “when you work so hard to get healthy and end up feeling as bad about your body as you did when you were obese.”

Dr. Kaufman has chosen to make post-bariatric plastic surgery a focus of his practice for several reasons. The procedures most patients need—body lift, thigh lift, breast lift and others—are technically challenging and satisfying to perform. But even more important are the relationships that grow out of the physician’s and patient’s commitment to each other. Dr. Kaufman explains that most patients need multiple procedures, like Mary, a Sacramento nurse, who lost over 100 pounds (read Mary’s story). That means plastic surgeon and patient form a long term bond that’s meaningful to both. It also explains why people are willing to travel great distances, like Melinda, who flew from Alaska (read Melinda’s story) to Sacramento to work with the surgeon she selected.

To reflect his commitment to the weight loss community, Dr. Kaufman’s new site contains much more than descriptions of plastic surgery procedures. It also offers discussions of the impact of weight loss on a patient’s physique and health considerations for weight loss patients planning plastic surgery. Dr. Kaufman gives advice on finding a plastic surgeon and information about fees, financing and insurance. An extensive list of resources is also provided. Most popular of all are the real patient stories and before and after plastic surgery photos.

“Most people who lose massive amounts of weight are part of a highly interconnected community, and at Kaufman Plastic Surgery we see ourselves as part of the group,” Dr. Kaufman commented. “It’s important to us to provide education and support, along with top notch plastic surgery. That’s why we invested in developing the new website. We hope weight loss patients will use it often during their journey back to good health.”

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About Dr. David Kaufman

Dr. David Kaufman is a Harvard and Stanford-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon in Sacramento. His background includes serving as the director of the burn unit at a San Francisco Bay Area hospital, serving on the volunteer faculty at Stanford Medical Center and participating in more than 20 charitable surgical missions to perform surgery on patients in developing countries. He moved his private practice to Sacramento in 2005. He specializes in post weight loss plastic surgery and other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Contact him at (916) 983-9895 or visit