Obesity Support

  1. www.obesityhelp.com
    This resource is devoted to the comprehensive needs of the weight loss community. Please note, the information is provided by members and sponsors, so accuracy is not assured.
  2. www.bariatriceating.com
    This is a comprehensive online store designed to meet the nutritional needs of post-bariatric surgery patients. Products from everywhere – those that pass the judging panel’s taste test – are gathered here in one place. You’ll find a variety of meal plans, before and after pictures, stories, recipes, and more on the site. It also includes products, advice, and information from a food guru.
  3. www.obesityaction.org
    The mission of the Obesity Action Coalition is to empower and elevate those affected by obesity through education, advocacy, and support.
  4. www.obesityaction.org/advocacy
    This special section of the Obesity Action Coalition website highlights issues unique to California.
  5. http://wlsappeals.com/
    Established by Walter Lindstrom in 1996, Lindstrom Obesity Advocacy is the first legal advocacy practice devoted to representing morbidly obese people in health care and discrimination matters.
  6. www.beyondchange-afterbariatricsurgery.com
    This site offers information regarding obesity and obesity surgery. It’s created and maintained by a single person and chronicles her education and experiences.
  7. www.obesity.org
    The Obesity Society is a leading scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity. Since 1982, The Obesity Society has been committed to encouraging research on the causes and treatments of obesity, and to keeping the medical community and public informed of new advances.