Real Patient Stories

Below, real patients of Kaufman & Davis Plastic Surgery share their struggles with their weight, as well as how they came to the decision to have bariatric surgery in California and why they chose our practice for their plastic surgery after weight loss in Sacramento.

Melinda’s Story of Hopeimage-fly-in

“Alaska can be a very challenging place not to gain weight. The long winter nights and the ‘cabin fever’ make it so easy to curl up on the couch and eat, and eat some more.” After bariatric surgery helped her lose 163 pounds, Melinda chose Dr. Kaufman to give her a face lift in Sacramento and banish that “melted” look..Read More

Mary’s Incredible Journeyimage-fly-in

“I had weight issues all my life,” Mary explains. “Food was the first thing I thought about when I woke up in the morning and the last thing on my mind when I went to bed.” A series of emotional upsets and health related problems led to a spike in her weight and the subsequent decision to undergo bariatric surgery.

After losing 100 pounds, Mary was frustrated with the extra skin and sought help from Dr. Kaufman to shape her new body…Read More

Deb’s on Track to a Healthier Life image-fly-in

Deb was concerned about not being around to see her children get married or have their own kids. “Most seriously overweight people feel they’re headed for early death or disability. I feared I was headed for diabetes or worse.” It was a classic scenario: “I ate to fill emotional needs… It wasn’t long before I had completely lost control…”

After having bariatric surgery in Sacramento, Deb lost 120 pounds and suddenly had to deal with saggy thighs and stomach skin she tucked into her pants…Read More

She’s Heidi, Inside and Out image-fly-in

Many college students gain the ‘Freshmen 20.’ Heidi readily admits, “I gained more than 40.” Away from home and somewhat unsure of herself, Heidi saw her weight rise and fall. At graduation, she weighed 200, when she got married she was up to 270. She ultimately tipped the scale at 299 and knew she had to make some changes…Read More