After the abdomen, the breast/chest area is the second most common area of the body that our Sacramento, California, post weight loss plastic surgery patients want to address.

Because people differ so markedly in the way this key area is affected by weight loss, requesting a consultation with Dr. David Kaufman or Dr. Drew Davis is key to planning and achieving great results.

For Women

For most women who lose massive amounts of weight, volume deflation of the breasts comes with the territory. Breasts experience and respond to many influences throughout normal life — including pregnancy, nursing, gravity and aging — so it’s not surprising that they are affected by significant weight loss.  The best surgical approach for restoring a healthy, youthful look however, is customized and determined on a case-by-case basis.

Women who have minor to moderate deflation and droopiness may find a breast lift is all they need, while others with very large breasts may discover they still need a breast reduction even after dropping many pounds.

If your breasts seem extremely saggy, even “empty,” once you’re at or near your target weight, you are not alone. The majority of women experience changes in their breast tissue and skin after weight loss that are significant enough to warrant breast augmentation or breast augmentation with breast lift.

When you come in for a consultation to discuss plastic surgery after weight loss in Sacramento, your surgeon will take measurements and perform a thorough evaluation of your breasts. Further, he will listen carefully to your goals and recommend the best way to approach breast surgery after weight loss. Depending on your needs, it may be a single procedure or a two-stage operation.

For Men

Even though the male chest is not quite as susceptible to dramatic change as female breasts, male breast skin often stretches so much during weight gain that the chest looks quite unsightly once the weight is gone. The redundant skin, descriptively referred to as an “envelope,” hangs down and makes it embarrassing to wear a bathing suit or even a T-shirt in public.  If you’re considering male breast contouring, the body image benefits can be enormous.

Once you’ve succeeded in shedding the weight, surgery to reshape your breasts or recontour your chest can be the final step in revealing your slim, healthy new shape. Men and women throughout California and from other states like Oregon and Nevada explore their post weight loss plastic surgery options at our practice. Why not join them?

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