Brow Lift

Many Sacramento post weight loss patients considering a facelift should know that the rejuvenating effects of facial plastic surgery are often complemented with a brow lift. Not only do forehead wrinkles cause you to look older, but the sagging of the brow can also result in a permanently tired, angry, or sad expression. A brow lift, which repositions the eyebrows, results in wider eyes and a more alert, energized look.

The majority of patients are truly surprised at how dramatically their looks are improved when their sagging forehead skin is lifted back into position, out of the furrows and eyebrows. In just a few hours you can look more alive, less worried and not to mention, younger and happier.

Facelift, eyelid surgery and brow lift procedures are often combined for maximum facial rejuvenation, and they can sometimes be added to other plastic surgery after weight loss procedures as well. Requesting a consultation with Dr. David Kaufman or Dr. Drew Davis will help you decide the right approach for you.

Candidates for Brow Lift Surgery

Patients who benefit from brow lift surgery include men and women whose aging facial skin has become lax, people who because of their genetic background, inherited a heavy forehead, as well as patients seeking surgical rejuvenation after weight loss.  Further, the best candidates for a brow lift are those who are physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in their expectations.

Brow Lift Surgery and Recovery

A brow lift can be done one of three ways: endoscopically, open at the hairline, or behind the hairline in the scalp. Your surgeon will decide which technique is most appropriate based on the size of the patient’s forehead—larger foreheads tend to do better with the open technique and smaller foreheads are done endoscopically.

The procedure takes one to two hours to complete and is performed on an outpatient basis, under general anesthesia in our onsite surgical facility.  This procedure is very well tolerated and is often done in combination with other facial procedures.  Recovery time from a brow lift is about one week.

Forehead lift complications are rare. In a fraction of cases, infection, excessive bleeding, nerve damage or poor scar formation occurs.

If you desire a more youthful looking face to compliment the slimmer, healthier you, contact us at (916) 983-9895 and schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Kaufman or Dr. Davis to discuss your plastic surgery after weight loss options. We’ll welcome you to our office in Folsom, and give you honest information to help you make the right choices.