When the Weight Is Gone

After massive weight loss, most patients no longer require their old array of medications. Blood pressure typically normalizes, blood sugar typically bounces back into the average range and physical stamina and sexual function improve. The impact of weight loss on your overall quality of life is tremendous. If you’re like most people, your prognosis for future health and well-being is very much improved.

Unfortunately, whether you lose the weight yourself or through weight loss surgery in Sacramento, California, you’re likely to feel disappointed about your body image even after reaching your goal. Seeing all the unsightly drooping skin you’re left with can even have you feeling worse about your body image than when you were heavy.

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Addressing the Extra Skin

Redundant skin is a problem for both men and women, especially around the midsection. Patients almost always require some form of Sacramento body contouring surgery for their midbody such as abdominoplasty or panniculectomy in order to fully enjoy their newly lean torso. Chest problems are extremely common as well. Women are left with sagging “empty-looking” breasts and men often have chest flaps that hang down.

Besides being unsightly, these can cause skin rashes and discomfort in the typical summer heat of Northern California towns like Sacramento and Stockton. Weight loss leaves those “bat wing” upper arms for many people, and sometimes even the lower arms are affected. Also, the buttocks and inner thigh droop and often have significant amounts of diet resistant fat.

Most people are at a stable weight or approaching their target prior to requesting their first consultation with us. The common thread is very clear: patients are just not happy about their appearance following the success of their weight loss. This is completely understandable. It’s frustrating to work so hard to return your body to its ideal weight and yet see it packaged so unattractively.

Dr. David Kaufman and Dr. Drew Davis specialize in plastic surgery for post weight loss patients in Sacramento, the Reno area, in the Central Valley and in the San Francisco Bay Area. In fact, we have treated patients from all over the country. We have compiled the information presented here to help you familiarize yourself with what’s involved.

Learn how to evaluate plastic surgeons you may be interested in and discover the kinds of questions you should ask at your consultation. Read about how to apply a critical eye to before and after photos. Consider the role nutrition should play in your plastic surgery plan, and hear about some of the ins and outs of fees and insurance.

Our surgeons believe very strongly in treating the “whole person.” That’s why we have invested in developing these resources for you. And that’s why, when you come in and meet with them, you will find out right away that we have your physical health, your emotional well-being and your bright future in mind.

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