Massive Weight Loss and Your Physique

Most weight loss patients say they’re mentally and emotionally prepared for the fact their skin will droop as they lose weight. As their bodies change and they approach their target goal, however, they often find they’re not ready for the way they look in the mirror. Once one is able to accept that the redundant skin is not going to go away, the realization can be devastating.  One of our patients once told us, for many people, if they can’t have plastic surgery to address the problem, “It’s almost worse than not having lost the weight.”

It’s important to understand, plastic surgery after weight loss can be complex, as it could possibly include multiple stages and many decisions will need to be made in order to optimize the results. However, more important than any other success factor is selecting the right surgeon with the credentials, experience and compassion to be your partner.

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You’re Not Alone

After weight loss, for both men and women, the changes in skin tone can be mild, moderate or severe. Each of the patients pictured here – in images taken before plastic surgery – have lost at least 100 pounds, and two have lost over 200 pounds.

Today, more and more patients are seeking plastic surgery after weight loss to restore their body image. Our doctors specialize in this unique discipline, and are proud to work with this dedicated group of people.

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